Stop investing like it’s the 90s.

Intelligent investing is now easier than you think.

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Discover and share investment ideas
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Connect with trusted friends and other investors
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Easily optimize your positions with one click
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Secure, encrypted access

Don't just invest. Invest intelligently.

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Harness collective intelligence

More is better when it comes to experience.

What if you could benefit from the experience of others?

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Optimize your portfolio with one click

Now you can leverage independent, established Nobel Prize-winning allocation techniques.

Squeeze more juice out of your investments.

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Insights from trusted connections

We all consult trusted friends and experts on important decisions.

Why not investing?

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Security you can trust

We use state of the art security protocols with your sensitive data.

Your personal information is encrypted securely both when stored and in transit.

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About Us

Our mission is to empower you to invest better.

We've invested at sophisticated financial institutions. There's a massive disparity between what they use and what's available to us as individual investors.

But it doesn't have to be that way.
That's why we created Nvstr.

More here.