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Our Mission

We're committed to helping you invest better.

We’ve been professional investors at some of the world’s most sophisticated institutions, but we've also experienced the frustrations of personal investing. Most investing websites today are cluttered and confusing, and they aren’t focused on what’s important to you: building a profitable stock portfolio. The disparity between what financial institutions use, and what’s available to us as individual investors, is massive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we created Nvstr.

Nvstr gives you an advanced investment process that’s actually easy and intuitive. First, we make it effortless to find investment ideas. Then, we make building and maintaining your portfolio a snap. Our technology is based on independent, well-established Nobel Prize-winning research on portfolio allocation.

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Leadership Team

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Bernard George
Co-founder, CEO
Bernard spent most of his career managing fundamental and quantitative investment strategies at hedge funds and banks like J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse. He’s also worked on software architecture at Microsoft and as an engineer at tech startups. He has a degree in Physics from Harvard.
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Patrick Aber
Co-founder, CFO
Patrick was previously at Tower Research Capital and The Carlyle Group where he designed sophisticated investment strategies in equities and commodities. He has also built natural language data systems at a tech startup. He studied Applied Math and Economics at Harvard.
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Hayden Cacace
Director of Product Engineering
Hayden has built a wide range of software products including multiplayer video games and systems to reimagine the role of tech in the classroom. He was a rookie of the year at Electronic Arts, where he began his career working on The Sims. He has a degree in CS from University of Michigan.

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Important Disclosures

No investment tool or strategy can completely eliminate or reliably predict the risks of investing in stocks. When using Nvstr’s tools, poorly chosen price and dividend targets are likely to lead to poor portfolio performance. Historical data is used in risk calculations; past stock market behavior does not predict future results. Further information about Nvstr is available on FINRA's BrokerCheck.